Weekly review of 42551 Korean entertainment news

f each move always affects the hearts of fans,
and now,
might as well,
along with his uncle,
reviewed last week (April 25th ~5 1) South Korean entertainment in the big and small news of the madden.
In the review process,
it may be a short quiz,
see you on their own understanding and concern the life how deep ~ (to the bottom of Q ~) so this week the problem came last week ~ ~ 1.
Han weekly answers to Shirley and Cui Zi in 2014 August announced romance.
Zhu Zhixun played the gay theme movie is antiqu 3.
Jin Zhiyuan and Li Zhongshuo and Zheng sealing lakorn 4.
Jessica called back legs appeared in the first film Chinese actor is William Chan 5.
In-Sung Zo without the cooperation of the actress is Park Shin Hye * the answer will be in the next issue of the Han weekly published in the Kor