So wash clean dirty rags immediately without residue even mom sincerely convinced

h is every family has,
difficult to clean is everybody's common feeling to it.
Most of the dirty rags will have oil stains,
and oil stains are not easy to clean.
In the face of this problem,
a friend asks,
how can you make a clean cloth a little easier? Tell us how to clean dirty rags.
Egg shell cleaning method is specific: the cloth into the pot with water,
and then put a few eggs into the shell,
the fire boil,
open lid boil for five or six minutes,
and then washed with water to dry on the line.
Cook a pot of cloth,
about five or six eggshells,
usually unused eggshell,
can be collected,
even if it does not matter dry.
After cleaning the dishcloth,
be sure to dry.
This will not cause bacteria.
Be sure to keep it dry in a ventilated and sunny place.
For cloth,
towels and other supplies,