Joke, husband, you go down and turn off the light

with friends,
have praised the husband wife cook,
a friend said: my wife cooked the meal with barbecue taste.
wife: husband,
I want to buy clothes.
Me: Well,
are you obedient? Wife: not obedient.
! Me: not obedient,
do not buy for you wife: that I obedient.
! Me: good,
obedient! I don't buy it.
Wife: sister,
change of season,
for you.
I dare say: buy,
wife: husband,
you continue to turn off all the lights husband: my clothes off,
you go off.
the wife: Oh,
you put the eyes shut one minute after the wife: well,
now my clothes off,
you can go off.
vacation with my wife watching TV at home,
she suddenly told me,
we do not part of this life,
okay? I was moved to nod,
she says with a pear from behind his eating again,
the first time to see