[heart noises] do you really understand Buddhism

bha known as the classical masterpiece journey to the west,
such as a dream of Red Mansions,
is not rooted in the soil of Buddhism; unbelievable to the satisfaction of all and many common words are derived from the Buddhist scriptures; as a symbol of happy and auspicious,
many families are dedicated to the Buddha; enter the temple,
although it is not a belief Buddhism,
but most of them will do the solemn worship.
But we do not really understand buddhism.
We think,
is not to burn incense and pray for peace? The Buddha is not for the sake of a spiritual sustenance? The incredible things the Buddha said,
we don't have to oppose it,
that's all.
In short,
few people really want to join the ranks of Buddhism,
because people in the minds of the Buddhist figures are distorted literary