Dress is a loafer feel all the legs below the chest

s passed,
and the hot summer has come too.
It's hard to sweep the mood with such a big sun.
Only when you dress up can you get up and go to work.
Do not hurry to put on a beautiful dress,
wear comfortable comfort shoes,
so simple and fashionable to go to work! Dressing smart,
modern and comfortable,
in order to heart happy to go to work! Tie up a cool meatball head,
wear a casual and fashionable embroidered jacket,
bring vitality to the summer,
and sweep away the heat! And then kicking a pair of comfortable and loafer,
the sun is not afraid of another big crowd you ~ the most dazzling embroidery dress jacket: MO& CO.
: Burberry Prorsum II chain bangalor 3: Unique Vintage 4 bracelets earrings: Asos 5 shoes: Gucci for office workers one piece was so worry! You don't have to think a