Ah ah ah, Oscar's insider fashion about the marriage feast

Met who are presumably Ball to refresh it.
But the other thing is that they can only show you the red carpet,
criticize and criticize it,
and praise and praise it.
And Yu Bo can take you to see the inside story.
What they can't see,
everything that's happening in the house of the New York Metropolitan Museum,
I can tell you all about it.
Or the old rules,
treat the officials moved a small bench,
ready on the fragrant seeds,
the gossip door open,
let Yu Bo to you weiweidaolai.
First of all thanks to my informant Xi Mengyao.
Three years ago,
he first took the Victoria Secret big show when he gave me a lot of insider revealed,
this year she decided not to open and aboveboard incognito,
when a back.
congratulations to Xiaoming,
she has to take this year's promotional photos.
We pick the c