[heart noises] do you really understand Buddhism

bha known as the classical masterpiece journey to the west,
such as a dream of Red Mansions,
is not rooted in the soil of Buddhism; unbelievable to the satisfaction of all and many common words are derived from the Buddhist scriptures; as a symbol of happy and auspicious,
many families are dedicated to the Buddha; enter the temple,
although it is not a belief Buddhism,
but most of them will do the solemn worship.
But we do not really understand buddhism.
We think,
is not to burn incense and pray for peace? The Buddha is not for the sake of a spiritual sustenance? The incredible things the Buddha said,
we don't have to oppose it,
that's all.
In short,
few people really want to join the ranks of Buddhism,
because people in the minds of the Buddhist figures are distorted literary

Weekly review of 42551 Korean entertainment news

f each move always affects the hearts of fans,
and now,
might as well,
along with his uncle,
reviewed last week (April 25th ~5 1) South Korean entertainment in the big and small news of the madden.
In the review process,
it may be a short quiz,
see you on their own understanding and concern the life how deep ~ (to the bottom of Q ~) so this week the problem came last week ~ ~ 1.
Han weekly answers to Shirley and Cui Zi in 2014 August announced romance.
Zhu Zhixun played the gay theme movie is antiqu 3.
Jin Zhiyuan and Li Zhongshuo and Zheng sealing lakorn 4.
Jessica called back legs appeared in the first film Chinese actor is William Chan 5.
In-Sung Zo without the cooperation of the actress is Park Shin Hye * the answer will be in the next issue of the Han weekly published in the Kor

10 afternoon the universe's most embarrassing embarrassment

ing user's real experience from embarrassing 100 TOP1 when I was young,
home often Laozaoping,
packed in jars,
enticing aroma.
One day I was hungry,
did not hold back,
on the scoop a bowl to eat,
slightly alcohol,
smells good.
The family idiot dog yaotoubaiwei,
slobber out the old long,
I was very generous,
it has to take a bowl on the dog food bowl.
When my adult came back in the afternoon,
I found a man and a dog in a mess.
My face was red and I was sleeping with my dog.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - TOP2 naughty when she was a child; mother always punish me with my hand.
One time I was idiotic to ask her: well,
why do you like others like with a whip? Always hit with your hands,
aren't you tired? This labor from life opened a new chapter.
-- -- --

The evidence is good than son daughter

is better than his son! Don't believe it? Listen to the experts for your analysis! Oh,
but I have a son.
I'm going to get a daughter!!! Contribution Q:3189468657,
business Q:2805595803 hot recommend: Mom,
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Joke, husband, you go down and turn off the light

with friends,
have praised the husband wife cook,
a friend said: my wife cooked the meal with barbecue taste.
wife: husband,
I want to buy clothes.
Me: Well,
are you obedient? Wife: not obedient.
! Me: not obedient,
do not buy for you wife: that I obedient.
! Me: good,
obedient! I don't buy it.
Wife: sister,
change of season,
for you.
I dare say: buy,
wife: husband,
you continue to turn off all the lights husband: my clothes off,
you go off.
the wife: Oh,
you put the eyes shut one minute after the wife: well,
now my clothes off,
you can go off.
vacation with my wife watching TV at home,
she suddenly told me,
we do not part of this life,
okay? I was moved to nod,
she says with a pear from behind his eating again,
the first time to see

The beauty of us lovemaking. Joke

ice of a beauty just after maternity leave first day of work,
a male colleague quick end to a cup of coffee in front of beauty,
the beauty of art said: I can't drink coffee during the lactation period! Male colleague: who told you to drink and let you add some milk?.
on the way home,
the opposite side walked a beautiful woman,
the stature explodes well.
The wife saw,
sighed and said: ah ~ look at other people's body shape.
I was not happy,
write a sentence: the envy of a hair,
a look that is a poor child,
to carry two mountain to make a living,
what you look like,
your mother funded,
directly to the airport you take.
it still hurts.
today is sunny,
go shopping,
see the front of a black silk skirt goddess sister low S curve,
then I can not stand,
ran to ask: beauty no

TM, who's going to stand up? I promise not to hit you

funny concentration camp and focus on me! TM who put it?! Stand up and I promise not to hit you! Whose eyes locked me?

Ah ah ah, Oscar's insider fashion about the marriage feast

Met who are presumably Ball to refresh it.
But the other thing is that they can only show you the red carpet,
criticize and criticize it,
and praise and praise it.
And Yu Bo can take you to see the inside story.
What they can't see,
everything that's happening in the house of the New York Metropolitan Museum,
I can tell you all about it.
Or the old rules,
treat the officials moved a small bench,
ready on the fragrant seeds,
the gossip door open,
let Yu Bo to you weiweidaolai.
First of all thanks to my informant Xi Mengyao.
Three years ago,
he first took the Victoria Secret big show when he gave me a lot of insider revealed,
this year she decided not to open and aboveboard incognito,
when a back.
congratulations to Xiaoming,
she has to take this year's promotional photos.
We pick the c

Dress is a loafer feel all the legs below the chest

s passed,
and the hot summer has come too.
It's hard to sweep the mood with such a big sun.
Only when you dress up can you get up and go to work.
Do not hurry to put on a beautiful dress,
wear comfortable comfort shoes,
so simple and fashionable to go to work! Dressing smart,
modern and comfortable,
in order to heart happy to go to work! Tie up a cool meatball head,
wear a casual and fashionable embroidered jacket,
bring vitality to the summer,
and sweep away the heat! And then kicking a pair of comfortable and loafer,
the sun is not afraid of another big crowd you ~ the most dazzling embroidery dress jacket: MO& CO.
: Burberry Prorsum II chain bangalor 3: Unique Vintage 4 bracelets earrings: Asos 5 shoes: Gucci for office workers one piece was so worry! You don't have to think a

So wash clean dirty rags immediately without residue even mom sincerely convinced

h is every family has,
difficult to clean is everybody's common feeling to it.
Most of the dirty rags will have oil stains,
and oil stains are not easy to clean.
In the face of this problem,
a friend asks,
how can you make a clean cloth a little easier? Tell us how to clean dirty rags.
Egg shell cleaning method is specific: the cloth into the pot with water,
and then put a few eggs into the shell,
the fire boil,
open lid boil for five or six minutes,
and then washed with water to dry on the line.
Cook a pot of cloth,
about five or six eggshells,
usually unused eggshell,
can be collected,
even if it does not matter dry.
After cleaning the dishcloth,
be sure to dry.
This will not cause bacteria.
Be sure to keep it dry in a ventilated and sunny place.
For cloth,
towels and other supplies,