You had a gentle call and I just had a warm light in response

light Nocturne and updated in every night,
chatting with everyone for reclining in bed stay hair topic.
Or is it a key that opens every sleepless night,
the door to your memories?.
We are more willing to listen to your voice than to talk.
Love is the most happy is a wrong thought in passing,
but you have a gentle call,
and I just have the one you Jieai response,
really can let oneself become more confident good.
When you do anything,
always want the best.
Make yourself more beautiful,
just to meet you at any time.
Every flower,
every day Yunjuanyunshu,
every song,
every movie,
and you will put it all together,
secretly happy and sad you sunshine heartbeat is not prepared,
because you don't know what time he came.
That night,
it was raining,
we only have an umbrella,
just after the training