What do women in love usually do to control men?

n 162nd | ask why men cool at the end of it? Luo Beibei serious micro signal founder Q: Gossip Girl micro letter to say suddenly found a boy like you,
she is how to think,
what is the deep-seated meaning? A: if you don't have a word,
you have a chance.
Dudu: may also be in clean the screen of the mobile phone,
Q: I have been very conservative girl,
graduated from the university first gave me love four years of boys,
then no contact,
but he will occasionally want to contact me? What's wrong with me,
the first time I don't feel,
and I don't live well,
I think I'm frustrated.
A: I don't think you're conservative,
just cautious.
The first time do not feel good to know quickly dumped,
so handsome ah ha ha.
Li: I think you want to find a quiet place.
Two people sit down peacefull