The most beautiful girl in May - shiosaki, Michiru AV information station

ll feel bored.
What kind of mix do you have? The answer is simple,
the market has this need,
fans love to see ah.
Other than that,
just retired Diva actress Rio is the industry's most famous hybrid beauty.
To be in the mosquito (Prestige) exclusive agency debut actress shiosaki Michiru,
(shiosaki Maya) also marked her Canadian and Japanese parents love crystal,
with facial features and the fullness of the chest foreign fans: the big temptation,
she is really a hybrid? It's hard to say,
in the recent case of hybrid I this title more sensitive days know they are really hybrids or rely on medical beauty technology features a westernized? But the shiosaki,
Michiru (shiosaki Maya) is not a fake blood in the absence of evidence I'm not going to judge,
because she is not only a look