[survey] too kind to these cars even 100 blocks to cut with insulation cotton

jing international auto show,
in addition to the amount of space experience,
tertiary brick paint,
measurement noise,
but also make unannounced visits to the more than 30 brands of about 80 entry-level models (of which there are more than 10 models in the inspection was rejected by the staff of the engine noise insulation cotton).
The other part of the vehicle and no external appearance in the show,
so we also went to the brand 4S shops leak.
What models are not installed in the engine sound insulation cotton? Brick uncle,
take a look at you! The role of heat insulation cotton,
heat insulation cotton insulation,
the main role is to heat insulation,
followed by sound insulation.
Because the engine will produce a lot of heat when it works.
The engine cover paint will have great harm,