Power enough maintenance, worry 150 thousand, buy SUV or these 20 version of the most affordable?

ght a SUV for 150 thousand,
what would you buy? I think the answer is all kinds of,
but his uncle brick words will still choose to use the 2.
0L self-priming engine models,
if can add a condition,
that is the best multi point injection,
there are three reasons: first,
the level of SUV corresponding to 2.
0L engine power output is enough,
the second half is linear.
Not without force; secondly,
although technically not a multi point injection of direct injection,
but stable and durable,
not even bother with maintenance,
the cost is not high; thirdly,
fuel consumption performance is reasonable,
and the 1.
5T and 1.
6T engine is not much difference,
the daily use of low cost.
In general,
that power is enough,
maintenance worry is cheap,
fuel consumption is not high,
and if you and bri