Popular science paste, Royal war, new legend card appeared

war is about to introduce a new legend card in May.
What effect will these cards bring? Guard: epic,
costs 3 holy water,
and comes with shield effects.
It feels like an upgraded version of goblins,
with shields and goblins.
The flame demon: general,
consume 2 holy water,
explosive type attack on the air.
Instead of sword rain,
the best card,
you can effectively remove mobs.
Furnace: rare,
consume 5 holy water,
summon fire spirit.
Defense artifact,
with this card,
all the way defense increased by at least 50%.
Miners: use 3 holy water to get anywhere.
The time of the boar will pass,
and it may all be the miners' future.
Source 6 steps arena.
Electromagnetic guns: consume 6 holy water,
slow movement,
charge for 5 seconds,
can cause extremely high range damage.
I keep this card,
according to