North Canton deep housing prices fell out of the top ten, it was the first

icane warming,
most of China's major cities housing prices began to narrow.
Former leading national Beijing,
Shenzhen and other first tier cities,
house prices also fell out of the top ten of the first echelon.
Source: Tencent issued financial Chinese Index Research Institute on the report shows that in April 2016,
100 city China monitored (New) residential average price of 11467 yuan per square meter,
up 1.
or 0.
45 percentage points last month narrowed.
It is worth noting that,
North Canton,
four first tier cities across the board cooling,
or the top ten cities by first-line,
surrounding and popular second tier cities replaced.
Taking Beijing as an example,
I love my home group data center statistics,
April 2016 Beijing second-hand housing net signed