Mom, I want you to be selfish

only remembers to love us,
but forgets to love herself.
1 buying gifts for my mother is really a big deal.
Last week,
with my mom,
I found her crow's feet deep in the corners of her eyes.
I bought a bottle of eye cream and sent it to her.
It was not long before she noticed that she had sent her eye cream back.
I asked her,
what's the matter,
isn't it good? Any allergies? Don't you like it? My mother said,
it's because it's too expensive.
A small bottle like this.
I heard someone say more than 500 dollars.
I don't need it,
or you can use it.
I asked her,
why can I use it,
you can not use it? What's the point? She said,
mother is different from you.
You should be good when you are young.
I'm so old.
Where do I need such expensive cosmetics? It's as if she doesn't dese