Low academic qualifications, higher education will make money, the answer shocked

lcon Leo source: almost know almost know,
someone asked: my uncle is a few pig pork,
have made a fortune,
in recent years the family built a house,
bought a Mercedes Audi BMW,
worth tens of millions.
Every year the new year home is back,
Even now relatively poor uncle,
selling shampoo for 10 years,
and now also millions of net worth.
Their cultural level is not high,
most of them are from primary school to junior high school.
In contrast,
many cousins in famous universities (211 and 985) graduation,
but only monthly salary of normal wages,
five thousand to ten thousand monthly salary,
and soon inside the house basically pay down payment,
bought a house.
Looking for someone to talk about love,
relaxed and happy every day,
work on time.
Without any idea of starting a business