Is there any problem swallowing her liquid wine?

ked me yesterday.
I love my girlfriend was licking,
I usually lick as long as one or two minutes,
she begins to wet,
I also love to help her service to taste her customers,
sometimes just so she can orgasm once,
but I found her foreign travel may taste a little fishy,
whether this is she the sick sign? Will it cause any health problems to swallow the liquid love? The amount of.
There is a saying called Yu Qian Lou filial filial piety,
the most famous story is taste dung worry,
in order to confirm his father's illness,
tasting father stool,
you this is basically considered evolutionary version.
I always believe that can help women who are in service on the bed a man,
you can even further from her clinical secretions noticed her health condition (regardless of you are worried about her