[have a chat] drive a good car on the NB playing rascal brick uncle, today teach you how to behave

s a brick undemonstrativeness people not cynical,
not hate,
at most a bit.
But a recent spate of Mensao two events let uncle I want to scold you so outraged Beijing ah child smelly SB! Shanghai call Lennon watt head is fuck you XXX Cantonese things happened in the great capital of various news client have reported I believe we should all have little trouble so the first thing is relatively large SF express little brother was beaten modern owners when reversing and SF brother electric cut then rub modern owners spewing and continuous fan who express little brother afraid of six a slap in the face for the police not to utter a single word and finally the two sides put forward private courier on the spot and owners of 400 yuan compensation for money eventually modern own