[Focus] Japanese duty-free shop shady exposure, so flicker tourists?

consumption brings about unsatisfactory results.
Source: Daily Economic News (ID:nbdnews),
Xinhua news agency,
CCTV news,
people's daily,
new North in recent years,
overseas consumption has become an essential program for modern people to travel abroad.
The long walk near the edges of the Japan and South Korea,
buy purchasing some advanced care products from the duty-free shop,
is very popular among friends.
Japan Tourism Department announced data: last year,
China's visitors to Japan amounted to 5 million,
the daily per capita consumption of 16 thousand yuan,
more than foreign tourists in Japan per capita consumption of more than 5590 yuan,
ranking first.
Last year alone contributed nearly 80 billion to the Japanese economy!!! However.
Below this pit,
want to go to Japan