Create customer headquarters, Li Jianjun mobile Internet era trends and industry analysis, investment trends

: creating a customer win fund founder / headquarters,
leading the Zhongguancun high-end talent (investors),
deputy director of Zhongsheng capital partners,
Chinese investor Center launched partner,
Lenovo star business alliance,
the Communist Youth League Youth Entrepreneurship dream mentor,
Li Jianjun has more than 10 years of investment experience,
focus on the field of TMT early angel investment by the end of 2013 was hit off the headquarters since,
until now a total investment of more than 280 mobile Internet business incubator,
of which more than 120 enterprises to obtain the total size of more than 600 million yuan angel investment.
This is Mr.
Li Jianjun in the first phase of the national share trend of University Entrepreneurship mentor training camp: trends in time will not o