Aging tide, I see a hundred fold semi skirt, ampamp shoes with a wonderful match

pleated skirt,
we can immediately think of the exquisite high-heeled shoes,
showing elegant and intellectual femininity.
But in this year's trend of Japan and South Korea,
many girls are taking the natural forest route.
This is not before the kind of quiet years,
Sen style life secure,
but with a pleated skirt collocation of sports shoes,
a naivete,
run and jump girl.
camel skirt pleated X shoes became popular so earth color from last year,
quietly filled with many girls.
Camel pleated skirt,
with sports shoes,
but with a sense of leisure with a girl next door atmosphere,
with a simple and Cute Hairstyle,
absolutely can sweep away the last winter's heavy feeling ~ 2,
green pleated skirt X shoes size is dark green color retro the wind,
not only looks elegant,
but also very artistic,