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Full streets are wearing white shoes, nothing new, then wear these 5 pairs

s and fashion all-match,
is a trendsetter favorite,
but filled with white shoes,
and do not want to follow the trend,
how to do? Then try these 5 pairs of shoes,
not only as comfortable as white shoes,
but also without losing fashion! NO.
1 with low loafer loafer,
simple and comfortable,
with a neutral wind ~ able occupation windbreaker jeans trousers collocation tassels,
casual fashion,
a white shirt and a gas field.
Jeans jacket and jeans match with lucky shoes,
retro personality,
a cowboy collocation,
handsome leisure.
Shirts with jeans + le fu shoes,
is also fashionable feeling,
no small white shoes relaxed,
but more mature and capable style.
Small fur clothing with Fu Fu shoes,
more handsome,
there are wood ~ ~ basic white T-shirt,
with black pants + le fu shoes,
simple le

How can Europe formulate a film support policy against Hollywood?

begins with the iris public number (IrisMagazine).
The | banner of tiger ecoci Mummy collection corrosion,
one of the series of iris,
welcome to the Amazon Kindle and buy watercress reading.
European film support system is very complex,
small area cultural institutions to selective subsidies,
public funds to the European Commission,
from the national tax tilt to the bank interest free loans,
from the fee for the film festival bonus to the television industry,
European film huge support system.
To sum up,
the system can be divided into four levels,
from low to high.
The first layer is to enjoy subsidies and preferential government policies,
the movie business,
folk association,
cultural institutions and other entities,
under the policy guidance,
to have a higher cultural content and ar

Scientists have discovered that the three planet GQDaily is next to the habitable planet

h day! Today is our country's 54 Youth Day,
which aims to commemorate the 54 youth movement in 1919.
A total of 18 countries and regions have set up a localization youth day.
In the world,
the United Nations initiative International Youth Day in August 12th each year to celebrate youth culture and urged governments to pay more attention to the problem of youth; and World Youth Day is set in the year November 10th to expand the influence of the Catholic Church in young people.
We want to know the definition of youth is from the age of 18 years old to ____.
- - - the universe scientists suspected habitable planets several astronomers yesterday in the Nature magazine published an article,
said the three potentially habitable planet discovered in forty light-years from earth in the con

Guangzhou all white toilets in addition to good or environmental model

to the official,
the toilet can reduce water consumption by 80% and waste emissions by 60% per day.
For domestic public toilets,
many people have not very good memories.
The public toilet in the Guangzhou Pacific Shopping Center wants to refresh your impression of appearance,
Under the design of Ida&amp Billy,
a Hongkong design company,
the new toilets used in the Pacific are chosen as the main colors.
This color can make the whole environment is clean,
but the challenges have come immediately,
keep this white,
month after month and year after year,
but also the public toilets in this environment is not too easy.
Ida& Billy has its own answer to this.
In the space design,
the design company to minimize the right to use,
to use a large number of circular stru

[heart noises] do you really understand Buddhism

bha known as the classical masterpiece journey to the west,
such as a dream of Red Mansions,
is not rooted in the soil of Buddhism; unbelievable to the satisfaction of all and many common words are derived from the Buddhist scriptures; as a symbol of happy and auspicious,
many families are dedicated to the Buddha; enter the temple,
although it is not a belief Buddhism,
but most of them will do the solemn worship.
But we do not really understand buddhism.
We think,
is not to burn incense and pray for peace? The Buddha is not for the sake of a spiritual sustenance? The incredible things the Buddha said,
we don't have to oppose it,
that's all.
In short,
few people really want to join the ranks of Buddhism,
because people in the minds of the Buddhist figures are distorted literary

Weekly review of 42551 Korean entertainment news

f each move always affects the hearts of fans,
and now,
might as well,
along with his uncle,
reviewed last week (April 25th ~5 1) South Korean entertainment in the big and small news of the madden.
In the review process,
it may be a short quiz,
see you on their own understanding and concern the life how deep ~ (to the bottom of Q ~) so this week the problem came last week ~ ~ 1.
Han weekly answers to Shirley and Cui Zi in 2014 August announced romance.
Zhu Zhixun played the gay theme movie is antiqu 3.
Jin Zhiyuan and Li Zhongshuo and Zheng sealing lakorn 4.
Jessica called back legs appeared in the first film Chinese actor is William Chan 5.
In-Sung Zo without the cooperation of the actress is Park Shin Hye * the answer will be in the next issue of the Han weekly published in the Kor

10 afternoon the universe's most embarrassing embarrassment

ing user's real experience from embarrassing 100 TOP1 when I was young,
home often Laozaoping,
packed in jars,
enticing aroma.
One day I was hungry,
did not hold back,
on the scoop a bowl to eat,
slightly alcohol,
smells good.
The family idiot dog yaotoubaiwei,
slobber out the old long,
I was very generous,
it has to take a bowl on the dog food bowl.
When my adult came back in the afternoon,
I found a man and a dog in a mess.
My face was red and I was sleeping with my dog.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - TOP2 naughty when she was a child; mother always punish me with my hand.
One time I was idiotic to ask her: well,
why do you like others like with a whip? Always hit with your hands,
aren't you tired? This labor from life opened a new chapter.
-- -- --

The evidence is good than son daughter

is better than his son! Don't believe it? Listen to the experts for your analysis! Oh,
but I have a son.
I'm going to get a daughter!!! Contribution Q:3189468657,
business Q:2805595803 hot recommend: Mom,
I want to slowly.
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Joke, husband, you go down and turn off the light

with friends,
have praised the husband wife cook,
a friend said: my wife cooked the meal with barbecue taste.
wife: husband,
I want to buy clothes.
Me: Well,
are you obedient? Wife: not obedient.
! Me: not obedient,
do not buy for you wife: that I obedient.
! Me: good,
obedient! I don't buy it.
Wife: sister,
change of season,
for you.
I dare say: buy,
wife: husband,
you continue to turn off all the lights husband: my clothes off,
you go off.
the wife: Oh,
you put the eyes shut one minute after the wife: well,
now my clothes off,
you can go off.
vacation with my wife watching TV at home,
she suddenly told me,
we do not part of this life,
okay? I was moved to nod,
she says with a pear from behind his eating again,
the first time to see

The beauty of us lovemaking. Joke

ice of a beauty just after maternity leave first day of work,
a male colleague quick end to a cup of coffee in front of beauty,
the beauty of art said: I can't drink coffee during the lactation period! Male colleague: who told you to drink and let you add some milk?.
on the way home,
the opposite side walked a beautiful woman,
the stature explodes well.
The wife saw,
sighed and said: ah ~ look at other people's body shape.
I was not happy,
write a sentence: the envy of a hair,
a look that is a poor child,
to carry two mountain to make a living,
what you look like,
your mother funded,
directly to the airport you take.
it still hurts.
today is sunny,
go shopping,
see the front of a black silk skirt goddess sister low S curve,
then I can not stand,
ran to ask: beauty no

TM, who's going to stand up? I promise not to hit you

funny concentration camp and focus on me! TM who put it?! Stand up and I promise not to hit you! Whose eyes locked me?

Ah ah ah, Oscar's insider fashion about the marriage feast

Met who are presumably Ball to refresh it.
But the other thing is that they can only show you the red carpet,
criticize and criticize it,
and praise and praise it.
And Yu Bo can take you to see the inside story.
What they can't see,
everything that's happening in the house of the New York Metropolitan Museum,
I can tell you all about it.
Or the old rules,
treat the officials moved a small bench,
ready on the fragrant seeds,
the gossip door open,
let Yu Bo to you weiweidaolai.
First of all thanks to my informant Xi Mengyao.
Three years ago,
he first took the Victoria Secret big show when he gave me a lot of insider revealed,
this year she decided not to open and aboveboard incognito,
when a back.
congratulations to Xiaoming,
she has to take this year's promotional photos.
We pick the c

Dress is a loafer feel all the legs below the chest

s passed,
and the hot summer has come too.
It's hard to sweep the mood with such a big sun.
Only when you dress up can you get up and go to work.
Do not hurry to put on a beautiful dress,
wear comfortable comfort shoes,
so simple and fashionable to go to work! Dressing smart,
modern and comfortable,
in order to heart happy to go to work! Tie up a cool meatball head,
wear a casual and fashionable embroidered jacket,
bring vitality to the summer,
and sweep away the heat! And then kicking a pair of comfortable and loafer,
the sun is not afraid of another big crowd you ~ the most dazzling embroidery dress jacket: MO& CO.
: Burberry Prorsum II chain bangalor 3: Unique Vintage 4 bracelets earrings: Asos 5 shoes: Gucci for office workers one piece was so worry! You don't have to think a

So wash clean dirty rags immediately without residue even mom sincerely convinced

h is every family has,
difficult to clean is everybody's common feeling to it.
Most of the dirty rags will have oil stains,
and oil stains are not easy to clean.
In the face of this problem,
a friend asks,
how can you make a clean cloth a little easier? Tell us how to clean dirty rags.
Egg shell cleaning method is specific: the cloth into the pot with water,
and then put a few eggs into the shell,
the fire boil,
open lid boil for five or six minutes,
and then washed with water to dry on the line.
Cook a pot of cloth,
about five or six eggshells,
usually unused eggshell,
can be collected,
even if it does not matter dry.
After cleaning the dishcloth,
be sure to dry.
This will not cause bacteria.
Be sure to keep it dry in a ventilated and sunny place.
For cloth,
towels and other supplies,

Want a son to come but the godfather

e girls will love more mature because boys are more psychological age than their young boys when the novelty faded complications of immature let their tired a strong desire for the thick shoulder is gushing out today with sister will take everyone to listen to the girls and boys love not mature what is this feeling in their beautiful youth together with? Down down down [PA] sister said in the same age group of boys than girls in general little mental age which means that most of the girls will go through a period of brothers and the game of love may no longer feel more excited to mature boys when you miss them but still held some childish life walk down here: [] night interactive and not mature man in love is what kind of feeling? In the bottom to write comments down up position micro

A small table of entrepreneurship education courses for the countdown to the second batch of admission CEO published a list of the last 5 places

a small table is combined with the blue elephant camp heavy launch of the strongest in the history of entrepreneurship education classes,
the discussion focused industry's most popular problems,
understanding the most mainstream education entrepreneurs.
If you are an education start-up company's CEO or executives,
or is about to participate in the wave of education entrepreneurship,
and there are 5 remaining places,
welcome to click the end of the text read the original sign up! Education entrepreneurship class Super curriculum released only half a month,
received numerous education related company founder and giant company executives registration.
At present,
the second batch of education class table friend list has also been released,
this week will be notified.
Here are the first

Putian Youyi transformation is the way I put on public hospitals

e Putian Department break into the army hospital? How does the Department of Putian cover the public hospitals step by step? This paper from the Tencent reviews,
internet medical circle (ID:hlwylq),
1 (ID:qianjieyihao),
hot pursuit Liberation Army Daily,
EMBA (ID:E-MBACLUB) Wei Zexi event continuous fermentation.
The parties involved in the one hundred degrees,
is the national network information office,
the State Administration for Industry and commerce,
the national health and Family Planning Commission and the Putian Department of the joint investigation,
the company has become a target for all,
many websites have closed their.
Concerned about the Wei Zexi incident net friend,
there is a doubt,
Putian department is how to break into The Second Hospital of Beijing A

You must know this reminder of emergency CCTV

e 10000 yuan cash red envelopes big broadcast! The fifth picture with the lucky draw code is hidden in our article today.
The third round of the 100 WeChat red packets has been sent,
click on the winning list.
Video: pay attention,
mobile phones into a new station liar,
we must not be taken lightly,
shopping on the network,
can not be separated from online banking payment.
But when the Internet is paid,
is your money safe? According to CCTV News reported that the recent police cracked a gang of Internet fraud,
they set up fake shopping sites,
all the money inside the victim's online banking transfer! In this regard,
CCTV reminded that the completion of online shopping orders into the payment page,
the URL prefix will become HTTPS,
that has been encrypted; if the payment page is still HT

North Canton deep housing prices fell out of the top ten, it was the first

icane warming,
most of China's major cities housing prices began to narrow.
Former leading national Beijing,
Shenzhen and other first tier cities,
house prices also fell out of the top ten of the first echelon.
Source: Tencent issued financial Chinese Index Research Institute on the report shows that in April 2016,
100 city China monitored (New) residential average price of 11467 yuan per square meter,
up 1.
or 0.
45 percentage points last month narrowed.
It is worth noting that,
North Canton,
four first tier cities across the board cooling,
or the top ten cities by first-line,
surrounding and popular second tier cities replaced.
Taking Beijing as an example,
I love my home group data center statistics,
April 2016 Beijing second-hand housing net signed

[Focus] Japanese duty-free shop shady exposure, so flicker tourists?

consumption brings about unsatisfactory results.
Source: Daily Economic News (ID:nbdnews),
Xinhua news agency,
CCTV news,
people's daily,
new North in recent years,
overseas consumption has become an essential program for modern people to travel abroad.
The long walk near the edges of the Japan and South Korea,
buy purchasing some advanced care products from the duty-free shop,
is very popular among friends.
Japan Tourism Department announced data: last year,
China's visitors to Japan amounted to 5 million,
the daily per capita consumption of 16 thousand yuan,
more than foreign tourists in Japan per capita consumption of more than 5590 yuan,
ranking first.
Last year alone contributed nearly 80 billion to the Japanese economy!!! However.
Below this pit,
want to go to Japan

Cardboard airplanes; aerial imagination; aerial combat

n is also combat effectiveness.
The board plane highlights the film for foreign friends for a famous World War II air combat game do publicity,
the plot is the U.
three P51 aircraft and a P38 patrol en route received an emergency mission to intercept long-range bombers in Germany,
in the battle.
(the video source for enthusiasts in the network,
a reference) military official face Sina micro-blog: @ military military plane video time the general director of the personal micro signal: crazy262a2 welcome fans attention interactive! Want to learn more about the knowledge of the military friends welcome in the major video sites to watch military planes time series,
in the Tencent,
Youku video video,
NetEase and other video websit

Power enough maintenance, worry 150 thousand, buy SUV or these 20 version of the most affordable?

ght a SUV for 150 thousand,
what would you buy? I think the answer is all kinds of,
but his uncle brick words will still choose to use the 2.
0L self-priming engine models,
if can add a condition,
that is the best multi point injection,
there are three reasons: first,
the level of SUV corresponding to 2.
0L engine power output is enough,
the second half is linear.
Not without force; secondly,
although technically not a multi point injection of direct injection,
but stable and durable,
not even bother with maintenance,
the cost is not high; thirdly,
fuel consumption performance is reasonable,
and the 1.
5T and 1.
6T engine is not much difference,
the daily use of low cost.
In general,
that power is enough,
maintenance worry is cheap,
fuel consumption is not high,
and if you and bri

The most beautiful girl in May - shiosaki, Michiru AV information station

ll feel bored.
What kind of mix do you have? The answer is simple,
the market has this need,
fans love to see ah.
Other than that,
just retired Diva actress Rio is the industry's most famous hybrid beauty.
To be in the mosquito (Prestige) exclusive agency debut actress shiosaki Michiru,
(shiosaki Maya) also marked her Canadian and Japanese parents love crystal,
with facial features and the fullness of the chest foreign fans: the big temptation,
she is really a hybrid? It's hard to say,
in the recent case of hybrid I this title more sensitive days know they are really hybrids or rely on medical beauty technology features a westernized? But the shiosaki,
Michiru (shiosaki Maya) is not a fake blood in the absence of evidence I'm not going to judge,
because she is not only a look

[have a chat] drive a good car on the NB playing rascal brick uncle, today teach you how to behave

s a brick undemonstrativeness people not cynical,
not hate,
at most a bit.
But a recent spate of Mensao two events let uncle I want to scold you so outraged Beijing ah child smelly SB! Shanghai call Lennon watt head is fuck you XXX Cantonese things happened in the great capital of various news client have reported I believe we should all have little trouble so the first thing is relatively large SF express little brother was beaten modern owners when reversing and SF brother electric cut then rub modern owners spewing and continuous fan who express little brother afraid of six a slap in the face for the police not to utter a single word and finally the two sides put forward private courier on the spot and owners of 400 yuan compensation for money eventually modern own

Is there any problem swallowing her liquid wine?

ked me yesterday.
I love my girlfriend was licking,
I usually lick as long as one or two minutes,
she begins to wet,
I also love to help her service to taste her customers,
sometimes just so she can orgasm once,
but I found her foreign travel may taste a little fishy,
whether this is she the sick sign? Will it cause any health problems to swallow the liquid love? The amount of.
There is a saying called Yu Qian Lou filial filial piety,
the most famous story is taste dung worry,
in order to confirm his father's illness,
tasting father stool,
you this is basically considered evolutionary version.
I always believe that can help women who are in service on the bed a man,
you can even further from her clinical secretions noticed her health condition (regardless of you are worried about her

We've experienced the world's first VR theme park for you

Ruan hang,
the overseas observer of Beijing brain Crossing Technology Co.
as the VR industry continues to heat up,
the domestic offline VR experience venues have sprung up like mushrooms.
From the original egg chair,
known as the total immersion experience to the theme park,
although it is claimed that their technical level has reached the international advanced level,
but no one dare say the overall user experience has gained market recognition.
The reason,
in addition to hardware technology is immature,
the lack of focus on product details of the experience of the large industrial environment is also one of the reasons.
From outside the box.
As the world's first virtual reality game center,
located in Melbourne Zero Latency (Ling Yanchi) since August last year,
the official

[survey] too kind to these cars even 100 blocks to cut with insulation cotton

jing international auto show,
in addition to the amount of space experience,
tertiary brick paint,
measurement noise,
but also make unannounced visits to the more than 30 brands of about 80 entry-level models (of which there are more than 10 models in the inspection was rejected by the staff of the engine noise insulation cotton).
The other part of the vehicle and no external appearance in the show,
so we also went to the brand 4S shops leak.
What models are not installed in the engine sound insulation cotton? Brick uncle,
take a look at you! The role of heat insulation cotton,
heat insulation cotton insulation,
the main role is to heat insulation,
followed by sound insulation.
Because the engine will produce a lot of heat when it works.
The engine cover paint will have great harm,

If you are dirty, don't read this article

en Qiongbo seems to be in a day,
Hello dirty has become the daily greetings we meet every day.
According to textual research,
  from the Japanese word pollution damage live,
said the wretched,
dirty thoughts not pure or dirty words.
everyone's life hobby,
in addition to eat,
but also added a dirty.
the following 4 curious,
too straight my mouth,
said no,
a good play dirty good joy.
If you want to know how big your dirty scale is,
then open up the joys of these wonderful things,
and test them.
Ask NumeniOS love A& F naked? You can get a dozen from your cell phone now.
or a one-time 200 decisions to help you hesitate when naked.
Open a Ask Numen,
you can see the screen soon filled with a naked man,
they have yell

You had a gentle call and I just had a warm light in response

light Nocturne and updated in every night,
chatting with everyone for reclining in bed stay hair topic.
Or is it a key that opens every sleepless night,
the door to your memories?.
We are more willing to listen to your voice than to talk.
Love is the most happy is a wrong thought in passing,
but you have a gentle call,
and I just have the one you Jieai response,
really can let oneself become more confident good.
When you do anything,
always want the best.
Make yourself more beautiful,
just to meet you at any time.
Every flower,
every day Yunjuanyunshu,
every song,
every movie,
and you will put it all together,
secretly happy and sad you sunshine heartbeat is not prepared,
because you don't know what time he came.
That night,
it was raining,
we only have an umbrella,
just after the training

Popular science paste, Royal war, new legend card appeared

war is about to introduce a new legend card in May.
What effect will these cards bring? Guard: epic,
costs 3 holy water,
and comes with shield effects.
It feels like an upgraded version of goblins,
with shields and goblins.
The flame demon: general,
consume 2 holy water,
explosive type attack on the air.
Instead of sword rain,
the best card,
you can effectively remove mobs.
Furnace: rare,
consume 5 holy water,
summon fire spirit.
Defense artifact,
with this card,
all the way defense increased by at least 50%.
Miners: use 3 holy water to get anywhere.
The time of the boar will pass,
and it may all be the miners' future.
Source 6 steps arena.
Electromagnetic guns: consume 6 holy water,
slow movement,
charge for 5 seconds,
can cause extremely high range damage.
I keep this card,
according to

The daily routine of Gemini

he morning,
a Gemini has got up and another Gemini is still sleeping.
Sometimes drunby,
sometimes sell adorable and silly,
sometimes subtly malicious article can wit buddy,
Wuhan two forced bullying a personality in death,
a character in the first character is called idiot who asked you! Can! Do! The! Arrive! (this face jpg.
) now,
the opportunity to fix the Gemini fellow uncle risked after publicly selling packaged fine details of originator big Gemini,
please pull down click on read the original purchase immediately AB Gemini home

The minimalist light chicken breast can also eat five colored vegetables, chicken and minced chicken

no chicken,
no muscle.
What can the chicken do in the end?!! Today,
to inspire you,
a fresh idea,
delicious and Yan values are among the best,
five colored vegetables,
pills! Listen to the name is not required for crisp chicken breast,
a piece of food,
a carrot a green pepper,
half a egg,
a proper amount of olive oil,
black pepper,
practice the chicken breast chopped into chicken mushroom,
add salt for half an hour of flour with the amount of onion,
green peppers,
cabbage and diced the five kinds of food mixed together,
add an egg,
a spoonful of oyster sauce,
black pepper,
the amount of a tablespoon of olive oil,
stirring evenly mix the ingredients into a kneading plate placed in the steamer like Ric

Create customer headquarters, Li Jianjun mobile Internet era trends and industry analysis, investment trends

: creating a customer win fund founder / headquarters,
leading the Zhongguancun high-end talent (investors),
deputy director of Zhongsheng capital partners,
Chinese investor Center launched partner,
Lenovo star business alliance,
the Communist Youth League Youth Entrepreneurship dream mentor,
Li Jianjun has more than 10 years of investment experience,
focus on the field of TMT early angel investment by the end of 2013 was hit off the headquarters since,
until now a total investment of more than 280 mobile Internet business incubator,
of which more than 120 enterprises to obtain the total size of more than 600 million yuan angel investment.
This is Mr.
Li Jianjun in the first phase of the national share trend of University Entrepreneurship mentor training camp: trends in time will not o

On the big data boutique summary, a VC agency investment director notes, investment trends

of the Economic Observer in this paper include the latest development on the field of big data,
limitations and future oral: Dou Yong,
the concept of fortune venture capital investment director of big data before the rise of a few years in China,
many people may also not aware of the specific connotation of big data.
As far as the whole industry is concerned,
the big data industry is a huge closed loop,
involving data sources,
scene applications,
visual display and data security.
The data source link mainly solves the problem of data storage and management.
Each subdivision industry has its own big data,
and the storage,
cleaning and circulation of massive data are critical.
In addition,
the data is like a mine,
how can these mines be converted into realizable resources? This i

The bag is practical and beautiful, but who else?

led fashion,
easy to understand,
that is,
the United States,
and how beautiful.
When it comes to beauty,
not only do you want to go to work,
go shopping,
get together at a friend's party,
or have a date with a couple,
but when you buy a dish,
walk the dog,
wait for a plane,
wait for the train,
it's also beautiful.
In this period,
we will talk about the machine (buy) field (food) (walk) for travel (dog) essential bag: Tote Bag Tote bag.
Of course,
the student party will also need to have a tote bag class books very convenient.
Although there is no mini tote bag more stylish,
but also not so stuffy bag,
tote bag is big and can be installed,
as well as leisure lazy thing,
you want? Todd package is Tote Bag literal name on it,
in fact,
there are many.
The most popular term is that the

Aging tide, I see a hundred fold semi skirt, ampamp shoes with a wonderful match

pleated skirt,
we can immediately think of the exquisite high-heeled shoes,
showing elegant and intellectual femininity.
But in this year's trend of Japan and South Korea,
many girls are taking the natural forest route.
This is not before the kind of quiet years,
Sen style life secure,
but with a pleated skirt collocation of sports shoes,
a naivete,
run and jump girl.
camel skirt pleated X shoes became popular so earth color from last year,
quietly filled with many girls.
Camel pleated skirt,
with sports shoes,
but with a sense of leisure with a girl next door atmosphere,
with a simple and Cute Hairstyle,
absolutely can sweep away the last winter's heavy feeling ~ 2,
green pleated skirt X shoes size is dark green color retro the wind,
not only looks elegant,
but also very artistic,

Mom, I want you to be selfish

only remembers to love us,
but forgets to love herself.
1 buying gifts for my mother is really a big deal.
Last week,
with my mom,
I found her crow's feet deep in the corners of her eyes.
I bought a bottle of eye cream and sent it to her.
It was not long before she noticed that she had sent her eye cream back.
I asked her,
what's the matter,
isn't it good? Any allergies? Don't you like it? My mother said,
it's because it's too expensive.
A small bottle like this.
I heard someone say more than 500 dollars.
I don't need it,
or you can use it.
I asked her,
why can I use it,
you can not use it? What's the point? She said,
mother is different from you.
You should be good when you are young.
I'm so old.
Where do I need such expensive cosmetics? It's as if she doesn't dese

How much do you charge for this kind of condom?

ideo can not play,
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Low academic qualifications, higher education will make money, the answer shocked

lcon Leo source: almost know almost know,
someone asked: my uncle is a few pig pork,
have made a fortune,
in recent years the family built a house,
bought a Mercedes Audi BMW,
worth tens of millions.
Every year the new year home is back,
Even now relatively poor uncle,
selling shampoo for 10 years,
and now also millions of net worth.
Their cultural level is not high,
most of them are from primary school to junior high school.
In contrast,
many cousins in famous universities (211 and 985) graduation,
but only monthly salary of normal wages,
five thousand to ten thousand monthly salary,
and soon inside the house basically pay down payment,
bought a house.
Looking for someone to talk about love,
relaxed and happy every day,
work on time.
Without any idea of starting a business

What do women in love usually do to control men?

n 162nd | ask why men cool at the end of it? Luo Beibei serious micro signal founder Q: Gossip Girl micro letter to say suddenly found a boy like you,
she is how to think,
what is the deep-seated meaning? A: if you don't have a word,
you have a chance.
Dudu: may also be in clean the screen of the mobile phone,
Q: I have been very conservative girl,
graduated from the university first gave me love four years of boys,
then no contact,
but he will occasionally want to contact me? What's wrong with me,
the first time I don't feel,
and I don't live well,
I think I'm frustrated.
A: I don't think you're conservative,
just cautious.
The first time do not feel good to know quickly dumped,
so handsome ah ha ha.
Li: I think you want to find a quiet place.
Two people sit down peacefull